Ocean Research Project


9. Mayday! Mayday! The Ault is caught in a fierce storm. Hurricane strength winds snap the vessel’s anchor rode, leaving the boat adrift in stormy seas among icebergs and uncharted rocks. The Ault is all but dashed before the mother of all waves leaves her teetering on the edge of a complete roll. A lost line wraps around the prop and suddenly the crew is faced with the prospect of donning ditch suits and getting into the life raft. Their mayday call is answered by the Danish Navy but there’s a nerve-racking six-hour wait before help arrives.
This is absolutely sensational stuff, told by Captain Matt Rutherford. Listen as he explains how he braces himself against the mast as his vessel heels over until the pilothouse windows on one side are beneath the surface and water is gushing in all around him.
Thankfully no one was killed or seriously injured.
Do not miss this episode!
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